ANIX Group Services


We offer a wide range of mergers and acquisition consultancy and research services, customized to the specific needs of our clients. We understand that each customer engages us to achieve a well-considered objective, and we will take the time necessary to understand, not only what the expected outcome of our assistance is, but how that result fits within the larger business development agenda.

We understand that mergers and acquisitions of upstream oil&gas and oilfield service assets must be informed by distinct industry characteristics that require in-depth, multi-disciplinary expertise and experience in the fields of geology, development, drilling and industry-specific economics. Each transaction varies from region to region, from asset to asset, and from client to client. Rigorous analysis based on transaction size, client budget, geographic considerations, and the objectives of the involved parties ensures that transactions are well-informed, optimally structured, and consistent with industry best practice.

Depending on customer needs, we will structure our support based on the our established expertise in:

We provide concept to closure services, but we will also support any specific step in a potential transaction, offering strategically placed expertise that will significantly enhance a client’s outcome, or provide independent assessment of any proposed transaction that our client is pursuing.

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